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At Sea in the Blogosphere

Oh, dear. I’ve done it again.

I seem to make a habit of leaping before I look. Or, rather, I glance around and think that I have looked, then leap and find out I haven’t. With luck, my latest impulsive move (blogging) won’t turn out to be as disastrous as, say, marrying my first husband was. But my blithe plunge into the blogosphere without a compass, an adequate supply of fresh drinking water, and a change of socks is just so typical of me. And now here I am, high and dry on my tiny beachhead, and from this new vantage point I can clearly see that I should have, you know, subscribed to a few blogs before beginning one of my own.

This week I learned about subscriptions. (Please note the handy-dandy link to the right.) Apparently there are also linking opportunities, and “blogrolls,” and networked blogs, some of which may be redundant. There are dashboards and stats and a momentous decision that must be made: does one reply to comments always, occasionally, or never? If “always,” do you inadvertently drive readers away by seeming creepy and desperate and like you don’t have a life? If “occasionally,” do you offend those whose comments you have seemingly ignored? (Or, worse, offend those whose comments you answered?) If “never,” do people assume you don’t read their comments, don’t like their comments, or don’t care whether they comment or not?

For the record, I read ALL your comments and they always make me smile. Some even make me laugh. I appreciate them more than I can say — I just haven’t read enough blogs to know what the heck to do about it.

I will get better at this.

Another rash promise, you say? Probably. But if I didn’t make rash promises, I might not make any at all.


8 thoughts on “At Sea in the Blogosphere

    1. LOL … oddly, that wasn’t bothering me a bit.

      But if you want to know if it’s working, it is! And I’m very grateful for your kindness. 🙂

  1. I find it’s like a tended garden; the gardener who tends regularly is appreciated, although if left slightly untended it doesn’t necessarily mean the reader is offended–most people have lives and can’t tend a garden like a fanatic. If readers know that the author is at least around, posts regularly, and reads the comments, then the occasional reply *may* be even more appreciated as if touched by fairy dust.

    “Oh! She actually answered me!!”

    It’s never creepy to respond to each reader. It’s like thanking each person for a wedding present. They will love you and maybe even give you another wedding present the next time you get married ;-D.

  2. I used to try to reply to every single comment on my blog via email, and if there was a question in one comment I thought others would be interested in, I would reply in the comments. I don’t reply to every single comment any more, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I get more than I used to. Now I try to reply (either with email or in comments) if someone has a specific question, but if it’s a general “Aw, Annalie is so cute in those photos!” kind of remark, I generally don’t reply. I figure my nonreply is the equivalent of a nod and a smile.

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