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Rooted at the Crossroads

I am at a crossroads in my career path.

I love that image, by the way; it implies a momentary pause in a purposeful journey. In order to reach a “crossroads,” you must choose a clear direction, proceed vigorously, and cover enough distance to reach this alternate path that has revealed itself. At which point you pause to study the possibilities, then once again move forward — hopefully with renewed vigor and increased certainty — down one path or the other.

With luck, there is a sign at the crossroads. A clear sign. One that points you emphatically down one path or the other.

Because the pause should be momentary, and the journey purposeful.

And we all know what happens if you stand at the crossroads too long. You get run over.

Well, I’ve been standing at this particular crossroads for so long that I’ve started to take root. If I don’t pick a direction pretty darn soon and start moving, I will stand here forevermore. There are either no signs or conflicting signs; at any rate, I can’t make ’em out. I honestly don’t know which path is the right one — I just know that standing here, going nowhere, is getting me … well … nowhere.

I hate to bore you with the details of how I got here and why I’m stuck. Suffice it to say that I’m here, and I’m stuck.

PATH A: I’ve always written historical romances. I’m pretty good at it. They’ve been modestly successful. I should write another.

PATH B:  Writing YA paranormal is fun. WICKED COOL was never meant to be a stand-alone book. I should write a sequel.

PATH C: These are supposed to be my peak earning years. [ha, ha] I should put the writing on hold until I retire.

Good grief, where did PATH C come from? Well, never mind; it’s appeared, and now seems just as clear and reasonable as the others. If I stand here long enough, chewing my nails and dithering, will a PATH D emerge? And if it does, will my choice be any clearer??

In the grand scheme of things, my choice could hardly matter less. But to me, naturally, it is momentous. ::sigh::

So what do YOU do, in a fix like this? I know I’m not the first person to face this predicament. After all, somebody invented the coin toss…

9 thoughts on “Rooted at the Crossroads

  1. I would probably talk to someone whose judgement I trusted, or several someones; think about it night and day for weeks or even months; and in the end, I would go with the one I loved. Because life is short. Pick what you love and do that, as much as you can. 🙂

    1. You are wise, O Bethany. What’s the old adage …. “do what you love, and the money will follow” –? (Nobody ever specifies how much money will follow, but hey, if you’re doing what you love, you don’t think about that too much! LOL)

  2. I understand your predicament; although a predicament implies a passiveness, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to take the bull by the horns, right?

    I’m at my own crossroads right now, too, and am doing a “wait and see” approach until the answer arrives. The reason for this is because I cannot figure it out right now, which to me implies that the answer is just not here right now and my intuition is picking nothing up at the moment.

    I really enjoyed your paranormal book and agree that you should write a sequel, especially while it’s fresh in your mind. The first book was left hanging and it NEEDS a sequel, so get writing, Lady!!! 😀

    Maybe Path D *will* emerge.

    As long as your paths include writing books, the’re fine with me.

    1. I’m pinning all my hopes on Path D. With luck, it will somehow take me in all directions at once.

      Thanks for the encouragement!!

      1. I have also thought back to the books that I have read, and as a child I read the book “Ribsy” and it made me laugh and laugh. I don’t know why, but I read it over and over. Then I realized that the books I tend to reread are humorous ones like Bill Bryson, though I’m not much of a re-reader! 🙂

  3. Watch out for the devil at the crossroads!
    Seriously, you can combine path A & B and in many ways, that might be easier, working on either as the mood strikes. No, wait, you need to be more disciplined than that and write even when the mood doesn’t strike!
    I get the feeling that you love your romance writing though, yes? But Wicked Cool NEEDS a sequel, you can tell that it is coming when you get to then end.

    1. I could combine Path A and Path B if I give up on Path C … oh, dear.

      You are soooo right about writing whether the mood strikes or not. LOL! That is the key to success as a writer!

  4. I’m at a crossroads too…after 30 years at Arroyo Grande High School, I’m about to move to sunnyvale to teach drama at Fremont High School. It’s terrifying and thrilling.

    1. That is huge. Looks like you’ve already picked your direction, though — congratulations, and may the next years be the BEST YET! I’ve enjoyed reading all the well-wishes on Facebook. You were obviously beloved at Arroyo Grande. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet!

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