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Book Blogging for Amateurs

I’m beginning to think that a blog about nothing is just exactly as interesting as it sounds. And what I have here is, basically, a blog about nothing. You are reading it anyway, which I really, really appreciate. But it’s high time I settled on a theme. Or a unifying element of some kind. The entries need to have something in common other than “written in English.”

So what do you think? Books? I could blog about books. There are an awful lot of book-bloggers out there, but then, there are an awful lot of books. As a writer of books (upon occasion) and a reader of books (frequently), and a person with opinions (always), I could probably find a few things to say. And let’s face it, that’s the hard part: finding the thing to say.

That, and figuring out what a “trackback” is. (If any of you know, please enlighten me.)

My other area of expertise, cat wrangling, doesn’t lend itself well to blogging. If I could draw, now … gee, I’d love to do an illustrated blog about cat wrangling. But I fear that may have to wait for another life.


2 thoughts on “Book Blogging for Amateurs

  1. “Nothing” worked for Seinfield …. besides I love your random thoughts, and I don’t know what a trackback is, but can’t wait to find out

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