7 thoughts on “Aha!

  1. You guys are killing me! Thanks so much for your kind words. Especially Huw’s, because even though the book I would produce under his contract would be utterly useless to his publisher, it is in other respects exactly what I need. LOL!

  2. OK, Diane. So let’s agree to swap. I’ve revised about half my book. I’ll send you as much as I’ve completed and let you finish it off. If you have a book on the go, mail me what you’ve written and I’ll finish it off. It will probably mean that neither of us will ever work again but what the heck, we might create an entirely new genre…. 😉

  3. That is so crazy it might be brilliant. Publishers are always looking for the next big thing. Maybe the next big thing is Regency-set programming romances.

  4. A bodice-ripper for geeks! One minute he’s a sad, spotty programmer with bad breath – then, having accidentally programmed an inverse fast-Fourier transform that interacts with a tachyon flux matrix, he finds himself being swept around the ballroom in a powdered wig and silk breeches – “Egad!” he cries, “Melinda, my dearest, thou set’st me heart a-pumpin’ indeed thou dost.” Meanwhile, back at the computer keyboard, the young Lord deViers (who had, moments earlier been the toast of the Countess of Malmsbury’s May Ball) is wondering what on earth he is doing wearing a tie-died tee-shirt. And what are those cold curried pizzas which he sees scattered about the floor…?

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