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Where the heck have I been?

Allow me to explain …

The Arts Council bids farewell to social media maven Diane Farr Golling

So am I back, and will I be blogging again? Why, yes. Yes I am, and yes I will.

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The Bother of Writing is Totally Worth It | Jamie Grove

The Bother of Writing is Totally Worth It | Jamie Grove.

This is a lovely post with a lovely (and very funny) excerpt of a story by A. A. Milne. I am sad to bid farewell to “How Not to Write.” Perhaps I shall take up the mantle myself, and begin blogging on How Not to Write. Lord knows I have expertise in the subject.

Step One: Get a full-time job.

Step Two: Join Facebook.

Step Three: Well, there is no Step Three. If you have done those two things, you are there. Voila! You are not writing!